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Crypto Hunters

Crypto Hunters aspires to be a comprehensive digital ecosystem that combines the fun of entertainment and gaming with the excitement of education about cryptocurrencies, aiming to establish itself as a market leader, bring innovation to this rapidly growing industry, and adapt to the mainstream market.

⚡️ Gameplay: Dive into a free-to-play world with diverse modes like Socialize, Move, Hunt, Quiz, Educate, Solve, and Play to Earn.Key game features: Accessible free-to-play sessions, cash prize rounds, dynamic gameplay involving AR treasure hunts and quizzes, and a rewarding system.Unique in its integration with the Crypto Hunters TV show. Transactions and interactions within the game are powered by its bespoke $CRH token, and players can enhance their gaming prowess with exclusive in-game NFTs.

🎥 TV Show highlights: A first in the crypto realm, this adventure-reality show is projected to captivate over 500 million households globally.Format: Eight teams of two, vying for a whopping $1,000,000 USD prize.

👤 Key figures and advisors: Hussein Karaki, Bianca Goodloe, Bruce MacDonald, Bobby Simms, Jenna Seiden, Ismail Malik, Yuri Rabinovich, James Deutch, Craig Armstrong, and Mai El Khalifa.

🛍 Token utility: Uses its own $CRH token for in-game transactions and ecosystem engagement

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